Why UK49s is an Interesting Lotto Game

The UK49’s is a lotto draw that is exceptional. Lately, it has become famous among lotto enthusiasts, both offline as well as online. UK49s has a very appealing feature; you are in charge. It signifies that players can choose how much they wish to play. Its structure varies from a lot of lotteries available. This raffle takes place in the UK, and you can now play from any region of the globe, even ifyou do not live in the UK! 

UK49s Features


The company of 49s Lotto Ltd’s location is in London, UK. It runs the 49s draw, Irish Lotto Bet, Rapido and virtual and greyhound horse racing. The launch of this organization occurred in 1996 after the establishment of National Lottery in the UK in the similar year. LBO’s finances the UK 49’s Limited. 

Playing 49s UK Lotto


The 49’s Limited manages this game. The draw is a lottery which takes place twice in one day.


·        The first draw takes place at noon (12:49) and is known as lunchtime draw.


·        The second draw is held at noon (12:49) and is known as lunchtime draw.


In every draw, the drawing of six digits and a ‘booster’ ball is done from a range of 1-49. You can play this lottery via the main betting offices. A different game termed as 49s lotto raffle began. Here, you can pick a color and eight digits which match 12 numbers to become a winner of £20,000. 

Play UK 49s Online Now


Playing the UK49’s online is possible. It means that as an online player, you can attempt to become a jackpot winner or try to win other prizes. Two techniques for playing are present; using an account that is loaded or direct debit.

When oneutilizes an account that is loaded for playing, it involves money being placed in the account of the player then the player uses it to play. If a player wins, National Lottery sends an email notification to them. Where Instant Wins are concerned, winnings are moved straight to their accounts.


Ifthe direct debit is used by players to play, this means they can register by giving their bank account details. After this, their figures are entered automatically. National Lottery informs winners via email. 

Two UK49’s Draws in a day

Playing UK49’s twice in one day makes this game popular. According to research, players are usually disappointed since there isn’t enough consistency of draws. However, with UK49s, you have the same number of draws in one weekend as Oz Lotto holds in a month!

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